Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence has been providing assistance dogs to people with disabilities since 1975. You can help us unite people with trained assistance dogs in a powerful program that leads to greater independence. Every assistance dog starts as a puppy that needs a loving home. You can raise a dog and change a life. Volunteer puppy raising is an incredible way to help children and adults with disabilities live more independent lives.

How CCI Service Dogs help improve the lives of people with disabilities
  • Pick up dropped items, like keys and cell phones
  • Reach the light switch and turn lights on and off
  • Open and close doors and drawers
How you can help
  • raise a puppy for 15 months
  • feed it, love it and teach it
  • tell a friend about us
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Make your dog a Superdog!

You may be your dog’s hero, but now you can return the favor. Now, you can turn your dog into a Super Dog and share him with the world. Using CCI’s Super Dog feature, you can turn your mild-mannered dog into a Super Dog, complete with a superhero cape, ready to leap tall buildings (or, at least, a really tall potted plant) in a single bound!

Simply upload your dog’s photo and follow a few simple steps to make your dog a Super Dog.

Superdog Hall of Fame

Hall of Famer #1 Hall of Famer #2 Hall of Famer #3
Hall of Famer #4 Hall of Famer #6 Hall of Famer #6

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